IECN Talks to Jerry Green About the Upcoming Inland Empire Diversity Job Fair


Thanks you so much for taking the time to speak with us. 

  1.  You are hosting the Inland Empire Diversity Job Fair. Tell us about it?

 Inland Empire Job Fair will be great way for to explore potential employment opportunities and learn more about companies who are actively hiring in the Southern California. Many job seekers see it as something as serious as a first interview, while others view it as an opportunity to gather information about potential employers.

  1. You indicate ‘Diversity’, what makes this different than any other job fair?

 Employers looking potential employees to mirror their customers in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation.

  1. Who are some of the businesses that will be present at this job fair? (Only give two of the most prominent)

 Enterprise Rental-A- Car

Southwest Carpenters Training Fund. 

The Southwest Carpenters Training Fund provides the highest quality training to those interested in a career in the various carpentry fields.

  1. What should attendees expect from this event?

 By attending the Inland Empire Diversity Job Fair, you will meet many recruiters, all in one place, all in one day. Each employer has a table or booth staffed with its own recruiters. You can walk around and collect literature from each company. You can also ask questions and talk to the recruiters.


  1. What are some tips you would give attendees in helping them be successful at this event?

 Tips for Attending a Job Fair

 Dress for Success. Attend the job fair dressed for success in professional interview attire, and carry a portfolio. However, do wear comfortable shoes, because you will be standing in line.

  • Practice a Pitch.Practice a quick pitch summarizing your skills and experience so you’re ready to promote your candidacy to prospective employers.
  • Bring Supplies.Bring extra copies of your resume, pens, a notepad, and business cards with your name, your email address, and cell phone number.
  • Check Out Companies.Many job fairs and career expos have information on participating companies on the job fair web site. Be prepared to talk to hiring managers by checking out the company’s web site, mission, open positions, and general information before you go. Arrive Early. Keep in mind that lines can be long, so arrive early – before the fair officially opens.
  • Attend a Workshop.If the job fair has workshops or seminars, attend them. In addition to getting job search advice, you’ll have more opportunities to network.
  • Network.While you are waiting in line, talk to others. You never know who might be able to help with your job search.
  • Show Initiative.Shake hands and introduce yourself to recruiters when you reach the table. Demonstrate your interest in the company and their job opportunities.
  • Be Enthusiastic.Employer surveys identify one of the most important personal attributes candidates can bring to a new position as enthusiasm. This means that employers want to see you smile!


  1. Are there still opportunities available for vendors?

Yes, we have a few table available.

  1. You have several upcoming events through your organization. Tell us more about SCBBE and it’s programs and events. 

The Southern California Black Business Expo Services (Directory, Website,  Radio, Live Expo, Phone Application) is an advertising, information and marketing resource. We have on another IE Diversity Job Fair in June.  Two IE Diversity Law Enforcement Job Fair & Career Expos.  Monthly Black Business” Expo on Tour” traveling throughout Southern California starting October 2015.  Monthly Networking Mixers called Synergy Centers.  

  1. How would our readers contact you?

jerry or (866) 493-3394

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