Executive director takes art museum to new level


Riverside Art Museum: Executive director Drew Oberjuerge and her creative team have transformed the center from small town to sophisticated.

Greg Adamson, the self-described “reluctant interim director” before he hired Oberjuerge, credits her for “completely transforming RAM from the dark days of deep recession. She bought energy, creativity and intellect and reinvigorated all the programs and exhibitions. If you have an idea, she has three more that are better.”

Her utter lack of ego makes her open minded and receptive to suggestions, Adamson said. “She doesn’t know when she should take credit and doesn’t give herself any.”

Instead, Oberjuerge 35, praises her team and community partners for encouraging out-of-the-box ideas, such as showcasing the works of artists with disabilities, marble sculptures of Lois Sloan, masks of local folk artist Martin Sanchez of Tio’s Tacos or an upcoming exhibition featuring the aviation images of Michael Machat.

Everything, it seems, excites her curiosity and wonder, from steel sculptures to images of trees to artwork from survivors of human trafficking. Especially if there’s a connection to Riverside.


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