Elvia Rivas for Ontario City Council


Ontario California Mayor Paul Leon Endorses….

Elvia Rivas
Ontario City Council 2016
Elvia stays committed to putting public safety first while bringing Ontario together as a thriving community.

Elvia M. Rivas, elected to the Ontario-Montclair School District Board of Trustees in 2010, is an avid community volunteer. Elvia is a 14-year Ontario Kiwanis member, serving 12 years as a board member, president for six years at the club level, lieutenant governor at district level and past trustee for three years of the California-Nevada-Hawaii District for Kiwanis International. In addition, she served as a board member for Ontario Eastern Little League from 2002 through 2008 and is actively involved in Chaffey High School’s Renaissance Program. Elvia received her BA in Liberal Studies/Education from San Diego State University. Keeping in step with her devotion to service, Elvia is employed at the Ontario International Airport, heading the division for passengers with special needs for Alaska Airlines. She also sits on the boards for the Ontario-Montclair YMCA and the Pomona Community Health Center.


LEARN MORE –http://elviarivasontario.com/


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