Riverside Annual Walk to End Homelessness


Saturday, April 8, 2017
Fairmount Park
2601 Fairmount Blvd
Riverside, CA 92501

Rain or Shine

Event will start and end at the bandshelter

Riverside Annual Walk to End Homelessness draws over 300 participants every year and is advertised through our local business community, on electronic bill boards and via on-line social media. By becoming a sponsor, your organization will partner with the City of Riverside and the Riverside Ending Homelessness Fund to provide opportunities to for families, individuals and youth to transition out of homelessness and into self sufficiency.

The City of Riverside Homeless Program was established to connect homeless individuals with social services and housing. The City has taken a pro-active approach to addressing homelessness in our community in partnering with a wide-range of non-profit organizations, social service agencies and faith-based institutions. The City has created a centralized environment to provide short-term emergency shelter coupled with a range of complimentary supportive services necessary to assist homeless individuals and families to address their issues and achieve housing stability. The components of the homeless service campus environment on Hulen Place include a Multi-Service Access Center, the Path of Life Riverside Emergency Shelter, “The Place” Safe Haven Supportive Housing and Drop-in Center, and a Pet Kennel for service campus guests.

The City’s Access Center serves as the entry point and service hub of the City’s continuum of care providing access to a wide-range of services under-one-roof including homeless street outreach, housing placement, employment development, benefits enrollment, health care access, mental health services, substance abuse recovery, veteran’s services, life skills training, financial counseling, legal services, client stabilization resources, computer resources, transportation assistance, basic needs emergency assistance, and homeless prevention resources.

If you are currently experiencing homelessness in Riverside and are in need of assistance or know someone is need of assistance with a homeless situation, please contact the :

  • City of Riverside Homeless Outreach Team at (951) 826-2200
  • Path of Life Riverside Emergency Shelter at (951) 683-4101
  • Path of Life Riverside Family Shelter at (951) 275-8755

View the list of homeless services and resources available throughout Riverside.



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