The 2017 Cucamonga Valley Grape Harvest


MIRA LOMA – It’s time once again for grapes in the historic Cucamonga Valley!

For local growers and winemakers Don Galleano and son Domenic of Galleano Winery, the 2017 harvest began a few weeks ago at the Historic Lopez Ranch Vineyard in Fontana.

“The crop yield is the highest it has been in 6 years and the quality is impeccable,” said Domenic.  “We will harvest Lopez for another 5 weeks, picking approximately 300 tons of Zinfandel, then we will be moving to the Hofer Ranch in Ontario for Grenache and Mission grape varieties.”

Domenic’s family has grown Zinfandel in the historic Cucamonga Valley for over 80 years. The region is home to some of California’s oldest vines and significant in California’s celebrated viticulture heritage.

“Our Zinfandel fermentations are healthy and conclude in eight days from start to finish,” said Domenic.

Vintners from Temecula to Sonoma seek Lopez Ranch Zinfandel for their premium wine productions.  The flavor profile of Lopez Ranch Zinfandel is quite unique. This is Old Vine Zin in the best definition – extremely low yields, pygmy vines struggling to stay alive, concentrated, focused and intensely spicy fruit.

Cucamonga Valley’s viticulture history is as complex as the old head-trained Mission, Grenache, Mourvèdre and Zinfandel grapevines that dominated the landscape for more than 150 years. From the rocky foothill terraces, to the warm sandy valley floor, Cucamonga’s terroir is ideal growing conditions for Old World varieties.


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