MCIE Hosts the “Made in the Inland Empire” Exhibit

Colton, CA – The Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE) invites local manufacturers to display their products at the 2018 Manufacturers’ Summit in February. Companies will display their products with other manufacturers, by city, within the Inland Empire.

The “Made in the Inland Empire” exhibit seeks to demonstrate the skills and products of local companies, as well as educate the community in what Inland Empire manufacturers can do. Every company that registers for the “Made in the Inland Empire” exhibit receives two free tickets to the event as well as a four-foot space to present their products. Companies who wish to display should go to MCIE’s website at

Cott Beverages displayed at the Made in the Inland Empire Showcase

The Manufacturers’ Summit is an excellent place for businesses to network with other employers, local educators, and vendors, as well as an opportunity to learn from top industry speakers. Over six-hundred people are expected to attend the 7th Annual Summit, making it the largest yet. More information about the Summit can be found at MCIE’s website:

The Manufacturers’ Council of the Inland Empire (MCIE) supports and provides education on manufacturing topics to manufacturers, employees, students, and the community. The Council provides a strong, unified voice when communicating with regional, state and national entities on issues impacting the region. Programming is designed to help manufacturers find solutions for issues including: employment and training, research, regulatory compliance, import and export, and funding.

Past Event – 2016 Manufacturers’ Summit will Showcase Locally Made Products 


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