Art Talk – On Creativity

Art Talk

We invite you to come to the Art Talk – On Creativity
This Saturday, July 20 6-8 pm.

Panel discussion with artists:

Wendy S. Hunt is a graphic designer, illustrator, musician and writer. She has been a freelance artist for over ten years. She has two atlas projects to her credit: Those atlases are source of her fascination with GIS and map products, which she imagines could describe the interior world of self just as well as it describes the outer world.

Jaycie, Thierry Reporter, La Verne Television (LVTV) Social Media Editor, University of La Verne Campus Times Public Relations Chairman, Sigma Kappa Sorority Theta Beta

Terrill Thomas Chair art+design La Sierra University. His career was born in the start up culture of the late 90’s dot com boom era, when he was the studio director for AtomStudio / This start up mindset drives his professional design practice, his experimental installation work and current research into how games can effect social change and awareness.

Moderator: Mandi Batalo, EdD Department Chair Professor Department of Art San Bernardino Valley College

There is so much to do in Southern California and everyone knows there are many hidden gems that are worth exploring, one of those hidden gems is the Inland empire museum of art. The IEMA is a short drive from just about anywhere in Southern California. Make the trip, you will be pleasantly surprised. Exhibitions change monthly and the museums collection has some notable pieces of art, both photography and paintings. There are even monthly art talks. You can sign up for their monthly newsletter which is extremely informative online. You can also purchase their book 100 selections of art from the IEMA. This weekend is a good time to visit and meet the founder and director Gene Sasse a most knowledgeable museum curator.

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